Monday, 10 October 2011

Art & Dolls: Steampunk Freddy Krueger by Abomination Nursery

I don't make a secret of the fact that Freddy Krueger is not one of my favourite horror characters. In fact, he pretty much annoyed the hell out of me every time I watched 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. So when I tell you that I LOVE a Freddy-inspired figure/horror doll, you know it must be fairly amazing! Yes, amazing really is the best way to describe Abomination Nursery's 'Steampunk Freddy' OOAK horror doll.

Steampunk Freddy by Abomination Nursery

The doll is now up for auction on Ebay and there are a multitude of other devilishly dandy shots of 'Steampunk Freddy' accompanying the listing. Abomination Nursery's creations just keep getting better and better. If I had the money, I'd buy this myself!

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