Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Movies: Marianne

'Marianne' is an upcoming Swedish language horror film, from director Filip Tegstedt and starring Peter Stormare ('Constantine', 'Prison Break', 'Fargo'), Thomas Hedengran and Tintin Anderzon. The plot revolves around Krister (Hendengran), who has to cope with raising his two children alone, after the death of his wife. His mental state is increasingly fragile and, after experiencing horrific nightmares, he becomes convinced that he is haunted by a malevolent spirit known as a "mare".

The film's concept is inspired by the tales of "mares" (the origin of the word "nightmare" and its equivalents in several languages) in folklore, who were said to "ride" on people's chests at night and cause them to have terrifying dreams. This legend has since become associated with the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, which occurs when waking or falling asleep. During the experience, the effected parties cannot move, feel a great weight upon their chests and often have strange visions or hallucinations.

The legends about mares are really interesting and, if it is executed well, this movie seems as though it will be too! It premieres this year at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada, which runs between July 14th - August 11th. 


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