Saturday, 23 July 2011

Art & Comics: Zombie Rust

'Lucky Number Seven' by Zombie Rust

'Little Blood Red Riding Hood' by Zombie Rust
Specialising in horror-themed and morbid subject matters, Zombie Rust is an artist and creator of the comics 'The Boogeyman's Real', 'Towel Dipped In Blood' and 'Cannibal Feast'. As a self-taught artist Zombie Rust has developed a distinctive and impacting style that uses minimal, but striking, colours against backgrounds that are often monochrome or sepia. The heavy shading also makes Rust's works reminiscent of classic horror movies, with their hard lighting and grotesque shadows, which gives the pieces a wonderfully creepy feel. 

This style is particularly evident in 'The Black Album' section, where the images have been created entirely in black & white. Each stroke has a purposefully rough, sketchy quality to it and even if Rust were to depict a cute fluffy kitten with a teddy bear in this way, it would, no doubt, seem gloriously sinister.

'Untitled' by Zombie Rust, from 'The Black Album'

Though largely in black and white, Rust's comics also carry his distinguishing style. There are three in progess comics available for preview on his website; a somewhat non-fictional story about the Manson Family, 'Towel Dipped in Blood', 'Cannibal Feast', a tale of madness and survival, and 'The Boogeyman's Real', which features the pumpkin-headed "boogeyman" from some of Rust's other pieces.

'Certain as the Moon' by Zombie Rust
Rust describes himself as:
"The skull faced, empty eyed, icy handed, dressed in black figure, that soulless fa├žade behind the weird name Zombie Rust is actually a raised by wolves human who came to be a self taught artist obsessed with records, movies, books and comics."

'The Monster' by Zombie Rust
'The Night He Came Home' by Zombie Rust
It is perhaps, then, somewhat unsurprising to learn that his website has a 'Fan Art' section, in which there are several excellent works featuring familiar faces from the world of shocks and scares; Michael Myers of Halloween, Ju-on's Kayako and both Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula, to name but a few. In addition to horror legends, the fan arts also depict other stars of the screen like Clint Eastwood and Pam Grier, as well as musicians such as Alice Cooper and The Cramps. Rust's artistic style lends itself very well to such pieces and the portraits/scenes are recognisable and familiar, but equally unique.

'Toe Tag' by Zombie Rust
To see more of Zombie Rust's work and read his three comics, you can visit the sites below:

Many thanks to Zombie Rust for permission to use the images.


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