Saturday, 16 July 2011

Events & Fundraising: 'Sponsored Scare' for Russell's Hall Children's Ward

About the Event & Team:
On November 12th 2011, 8 souls will brave a night in the infamous 'Station Hotel' in Dudley, UK, in order to raise funds for Russell's Hall Hospital children's ward. Long-time fan of all things dark and spooky, Becky Hill will lead the team, which consists of ghost hunt novices Lisa & Drew Watson, Carrie Mackenzie and Dudley-based company 'Teet Shirts' (who kindly donated the Sponsored Scare t-shirts) employees Amy, Tony, Gill & Gaz. The intrepid 8 will also be joined by spiritual medium Dave J Williams, who will provide them with guidance and use of professional ghost hunting equipment. Dave J Williams has previously worked with "Help For Heroes, Acorns Hospice, FMS and GBS charities, as well as fundraisers for more local based and private charities".

About the Location:
Station Hotel, Dudley, was initially built in the early 20th century and has a history of famous guests, including Bob Hope, Laurel and Hardy, Bing Crosby and George Formby. Although the original building was demolished, the newer, larger version stands on the same location and is still a beautiful working hotel. 

However, it hasn't all been glamorous at the Station Hotel and various grisly murders and suicides have occurred there over the years. These unsavoury events are said to be partly responsible for the reported paranormal activity, which is said to include poltergeists that shake the beds, move furniture and turn the lights off and on, as well as the spirits of murdered children that scream in the cellar and a girl that walks the halls. The location has gained a lot of attention over the years and previous investigators have included the Most Haunted team and BBC Radio Stoke. 

About the Cause:
Russell's Hall Hospital is part of the Dudley Group of Hospitals Charity. All funds from the event will be given to the hospital's children's ward and, depending on how much money is raised, used to "buy new medical equipment, provide specialist training for staff and improve patient comfort".

Get Involved:
You can get involved by spreading the word about the event, sponsoring the team, buying a "Sponsored Scare" t-shirt or if you work for a company, maybe you could even offer a service or product to help with promotions before the event or even something for the night of the ghost hunt.



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