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Valentine's Day: Top 15 Creepy Couples Part 2

As promised, here's part 2 of our Valentine's Day special: Creepy Couples!
(There will probably be spoilers on this page!)

Edward Scissorhands & Kim
Up next, more Tim Burton and Winona Ryder. This time she plays Kim, the teenage daughter of Peg Boggs, the Avon lady that brings Edward (Johnny Depp) home after finding him living in isolation in a mansion on a hill. Within this part dark fantasy, part 'Romeo & Juliet', part 'Frankenstein', part unpopular new guy gets pretty girl-style movie, Edward & Kim's romance blossoms slowly and ends the only way it actually could - the strange, nice young man that can't age goes back to his mansion and Kim settles down, has kids and gets old, only remembering Edward when it snows *violins*. Oh, but don't think this means you can make fun of it now; it's been a favourite with me (Lilia) since childhood :P

Thomas & Ellen Hutter
For the German Expressionist horror, 'Nosferatu', we decided not to choose Count Orlok (Max Schreck, the movie's equivalent of Count Dracula, for those of you who haven't seen it) but instead we're going to present Thomas & Ellen Hutter (played by Gustav von Wangenheim & Greta Schröder, based on Jonathan & Mina Harker). Just look at his disturbing smile and her shifty eyes...there's obviously something more going onto this story than just a vampire Count! There's also no doubt that they're in love but there's touch of tragedy to them too, as Ellen is eventually killed by Count Orlok as she sets a trap for him. So sad, but at least he stopped grinning like that...

Imhotep & Princess Ankh-es-en-amon/Helen Grosvenor
High priest Imhotep (Boris Karloff) returns from the grave, set on reincarnating the soul of his beloved Princess Ankh-es-en-amon (Zita Johann), in the 1932 film, 'The Mummy'. Conveniently enough, his Princess-pie just happens to look exactly like Helen Grosvenor! It's quite unfortunate though, because it's his sole reason for liking her, but yet again, the girls just don't like Karloff. :(

Frederick & Annabelle Loren
Eccentric millionaire Frederick Loren (Vincent Price) invites five people to a party he's throwing for his fourth wife Annabelle. Sounds nice, until Frederick explains that they will each be given 10,000 dollars, if they can last the night, with the shares of anyone who doesn't being divided amongst the other guests. Don't let her smile and his...vaguely disgusted look...fool you, these two have some serious marital issues going on! When they're not trying to kill each other, they're hurling semi-offensive insults and pulling hair. Example of a couple in love if ever there was one.

Hannibal Lecter & Clarice Starling
Now for another anniversary! 'The Silence of the Lambs', from which our next creepy couple comes, is 20 years old today! It was then that audiences first saw the slightly strange but engrossing chemistry develop on screen between serial killer Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) and young FBI trainee Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster). With his high IQ and knowledge of psychology, he uses Clarice's inexperience to exploit her vulnerabilities and becomes much closer to her because of it. However, she gains vital clues about the cases she's working on by speaking with Lecter and the pair develop a mutal respect. Although Lecter does seem to fall slightly in love with Clarice, she never overtly returns those feelings,  and always remains slightly wary of him. Ah the perils of being involved with a serial killer cannibal. We've all been there...right?

Jack & Wendy Torrance
The married couple in Stanley Kubrick's psychological horror, 'The Shining', Jack & Wendy Torrance, seem to have a close, loving relationship in the beginning. That is until they move to The Overlook hotel whilst it's closed for the winter. Their son begins experiencing psychic and paranormal phenomena and Wendy soon becomes aware that Jack's not the same man she married anymore, when he starts typing reems of the same sentence and becomes highly agitated for no reason. This culminates in Wendy and her son being chased with an axe by her once loving husband. Nothing says Valentine's like a near death experience dealt out by that special someone :D
Candyman & Helen Lyle
'Candyman''s eponymous villain and graduate student Helen Lyle don't know each other at first. In fact, Helen doesn't even believe that Candyman exists, so her and her friend call out his name five times into her bathroom mirror. Nothing happens that day, but soon Helen becomes aware that she's being preyed upon by Candyman, who says he wants her to "be my victim, join me in death". That might all be quite romantic if it was in a vampire movie, only, this isn't one. This movie is about Candyman, who wants Helen to sacrifice herself to him so that his legend, and in turn he, can live on. There is some sort of strange fondness going on here, including a kiss, but we should probably mention that he also has hundreds of bees pouring out of his mouth at the time too. The Valentine's gift that keeps on giving...ouch!

Ash Williams & Linda
So, last but not least...Ash & Linda from 'The Evil Dead'; a movie about a trip to a cabin in the woods that goes horribly wrong when five friends unwittingly unleash a hoard of Candarian demons. Ash sees both his sister and two friends possessed before the same fate befalls his beloved girlfriend Linda. She goes from lovey-dovey to singing creepy songs and tormenting Ash pretty quickly (normal relationship right?), but even after she tries to stab him he still won't dismember her with a chainsaw (essential for demon killing, doncha know?). See, despite all his "hey baby"'s and foolishness, when it comes to Linda, he's a decent guy! Uh..that is, until she rises from the grave and attacks him. Then he chops her head off with a shovel : D True love!


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  1. Girls who don't like Karloff are stupid, I WOULD MARRY HIM *crazy stalker mode on* XDDDD


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