Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Magazines: Shock Horror

'Shock Horror' is a new, bi-monthly magazine featuring all things horror! With movie and game reviews, interviews, articles, tattoo showcases from Haunted Tattoos, comics and more, it makes for a great read at a reasonable price (3 pounds). They also listen to reader feedback and try to improve their content based upon it, which should mean that the content will develop and change over the issues. Personally I loved their features on Vincent Price and Christopher Lee, as well as the tattoos section. The reviews were also quite varied, and the inclusion of video games, books and music means that there's something for everyone.

However, I do hope that Shock Horror doesn't become another "let's have a bunch of naked women (or indeed, men) to sell more copies" kind of magazine. I love scream queens and zombie pin-ups as much as the next person, and obviously they should have a place in the magazine too, but for me, that's not what the main focus should be. Luckily enough, so far it isn't!

The magazine is available in various UK stores and also internationally through the 'Shock Horror' website. Both Erinia (in Spain) and myself (in the UK) have ordered both issues from there and the delivery was very quick and we didn't have any problems. For issue three, they're also asking for pictures of readers' Halloween costumes at the moment, so hurry over there and you could see yourself in print!

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    You may want to read my review of SHOCK HORROR MAGAZINE issue 2 -


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