Friday, 19 November 2010

Art: The Underground Market

'Amelia' by Zoe Black
The auction site Etsy and the stores it contains are always full of gorgeous, bizarre and unusual things that are largely one of a kind or at least hand-crafted. This entry is about one such store, The Underground Market, which is run by the artist/crafter Zoe Black

'Bitey the Vampire Bat' necklace by Zoe Black
The Underground Market sells original dolls/figures, jewelry and paintings in a largely adorable and spooky style.  Even though the works do fit into the 'creepy cute' genre, they're also quite unique at the same time, making them ideal for collectors or as gifts. The tiny painted details and embellishments further add to the charm of each item and you can even request custom made pieces as well.

'Better Than A Flea Circus' original painting by Zoe Black

 All the items featured in this post are currently for sale, along with lots of other macabrely delightful pieces, so hurry over there before they're gone!

Thanks to Zoe Black for permission to use the pictures.More images after the cut↓
'Your Love Makes It Better'

'Zombie Teddy'

'Stars and Skulls'


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