Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Horror Shock Lolipop: Our Halloween~

We hope you all had a wonderfully ghoulish Halloween and showed the dead around this world on their special day! All of us at HSL are in different countries, but we celebrated it in our own ways!

Erinia Spooky, in Spain, dressed as Hi-Na from SaTaN...the evil Alice look is creepy and cute!

Then in New York, sad Oasis dressed as a mummy/zombie (stealing all the candy!)

And then there was me, in the UK...I didn't need to dress up ^.~

The very amazing corset is from Boom! Boom! Baby!

Luciel didn't take any photos, but the little horror did carve this spooky friend with me:

Did any of you dress up or carve jack o lanterns? We'd love to see some photos!


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