Friday, 12 November 2010


Are you a horror addict? Do you thoroughly enjoy showing the whole world what you love? Looking for something scary to wear but sick of still being in last year's Halloween costume?  If so, then you need probably need to take a shower! But after that, you should visit FRIGHT-RAGS, who've been selling "kick-ass horror shirts" since 2003. They also have a few stickers and posters too.

From 'Freaks' to 'Scanners', 'Zombi' to 'The Evil Dead', this online store has a wide selection of t-shirts and hoodies to suit virtually any scary movie taste (okay, maybe not, but they do have a lot). All the vintage shirts are also customisable, meaning that you can choose the colour, length of sleeves and, whether or not to have the featured print "distressed". You can also choose to have the designs printed on girls shirts if you want something a bit closer fitting.


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