Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Unexplained Mysteries: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Hello there little monsters~!
Today's post is about a story I researched about a year ago and found quite interesting.
If you like mysteries and supernatural stuff, keep on reading!

Ok, so... Russia, 1959, 9 students go on a trip to The Urals.
Apparently, the students pitched their tent on a Urals slope, the Dyatlov Pass, at night to take some rest and sleep. Days after, they were found dead and naked by the authorities. The bodies were spread all over the place, and some of them presented some weird and severe internal injuries and rests of radiation (also found on the clothes). The tents had been ripped from the inside. For unknown reasons, they panicked and run away naked at -30º at night. There were no fingerprints, no signs of struggle.

At first it was thought they had died of hypothermia, it seemed to fit since they had the typical bruises and the bodies were at -30º. But when they found the last bodies, this theory was rejected.
Not all the bodies were found at the same time. After the families reported them missing, the police found 5 of the bodies, with the features I already mentioned above. It took almost 2 months to find the other 4 bodies. They were buried under the snow, 5 metres deeps, close to a little precipice.

And here comes the weird and creepy stuff.
Contrary to their friends, they were dressed. But, surprisingly, they were dressed with their friends' clothes. One of the skulls was totally destroyed on the inside. also, two of the bodies had some broken ribs. And the worst of all, the other one had her tongue cut. The cut was totally clean, it was impossible to think she had bitten herself or that an animal had done it. Another common feature they had was that their hair had turned grey and their bodies had turned orange, despite the frostbite, though this is said to be misinformation to scare people.

After several months, investigators said the cause was “a compelling unknown force” and the case was closed and filed as top secret.

Friends and family never gave up on this case and they created an organization called the Dyatlov Foundation, dedicated to investigating more about this creepy event which, even now, is a total mystery. During one of their investigations, they talked to some witnesses - military men and meteorologists. These men claimed to have seen some "glowing orange spheres" flying over the mountains where these students had their tent.

There are all kind of theories about this event; some say the studends may have seen and followed these spheres for some reason. But, why would they go blindly after these spheres, naked, in such a cold weather, and what caused the injuries that lead them to death?

Others say they were victims of some military experiment, but no-one heard or saw any explosion or visible attack on the area. And of course, there's the spookiest theory of them all, about the spheres being some kind of spirit or ghost and these supernatural entities being the cause of the death and the strange behaviour and panic attack.

51 years after this event, what happened that night is still unknown and remains as a mystery and a spooky story for the inhabitants next to these mountains.
Maybe it will remain unsolved forever... or maybe one of these theories is the right one.

What do you think? ;P


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