Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Haunted Houses: Cortijo Jurado

Hey there little monsters!
My name's Erinia and I'm new here~ hope you find my posts interesting or at least, entertaining!

Today I'm going to write about the most famous haunted house in my town (M├ílaga, Spain). It's called "Cortijo Jurado" and the legends about it started around 1850. Mysterious figures walking around, lights in rooms that appear and disappear, objects moving for apparently no reason, strange noises...Many stories surround this creepy house, in which terrible crimes and tortures were supossed to have happened a long time ago.

This house belonged to one of the richest, most famous families in the city, and because of that and their big influence, even now, lots of stuff has been covered, and even corridors in the house and rooms have been locked. Even so, lots of people and experts from all over the world have come to investigate and many curious people have gone through what they call "supernatural experiences" there.

Mainly, the legends about this house are about terrible tortures and murders of little girls through some "satanic rituals" and very cruel and bloody methods. At the time the house was inhabited by this very rich family, lots of young girls disappeared and some neighbours talked about screams and strange noises at night.

Probably, nowadays, the most famous story is that of a group of 5 young people who entered the house and conducted a ouija board session there. According to this story, they contacted a little girl called "Elena" -so were the letters indicated on the ouija table. The girl was said to be 12 years old and she had been murdered there. The next words who followed "murder" were "lots of pain" "kidnap" and when the young people there asked if she was alone and where she was buried, she replied "not alone" "girls" "patio" "4(metres)". The story goes on with the young people running away totally scared and, on the way, witnessing a light that was pointing to a place on the patio.

In addition to that, in my personal experience, some friends of mine went into the house a few years ago, knowing very little about it, and they all said that they had heard an inner voice telling them to "come". The one who waited in the car asked them where the torch was when they came back. Then one of them replied that they had left it in the car. Indeed, they hadn't taken it, but the guy in the car saw a light moving on the second floor, where they were at that very time.

Scary, isn't it? I know lots of stories about this house and frankly, they're all quite spooky!
Here you have some of the most famous pictures of the house. I can't verify their authenticity but well, you can see a strange figure on a couple of them and a weird glow on another picture, and just adding a bigger and clearer shot of the house so you can see it better.

Maybe one day I will dare to go inside and tell my own story but until then, that's all!


  1. If one you'll go inside, please, I wanna go too. I want to feel like Mss. Anna Varney just for a while!

  2. I went there just yesterday. It's stunning. Not creepy at all though! But worth the visit.


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