Thursday, 14 October 2010

Food and Drink: Halloween Gingerbread House

A few days ago I told you about Dylan's Candy Bar's gingerbread playhouse and Dr. Oetker's Bat Cookie Kit. Well, much to my surprise yesterday, Dr. Oetker yet again provided a fun, sweet treat! The Christmas Halloween Gingerbread House Kit! Admittedly, it is supposed to be Christmas themed, but with a few adjustments it can easily have a Halloween or horror theme and it's nowhere near the price (or size) of the Dylan's Candy Bar version. 

The kit includes:
  • Gingerbread shapes (for main house)
  • Jelly diamonds
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Chocolate beans
  • Designer icing (white)
You'll need a knife to cut out the door too, and I chose to customise mine with Halloween candy, toys and black icing as well.

↑The Halloween gingerbread house that I made↑

Extras (not included in kit):
  • Black icing (from Bat Cookie Kit)
  • Finger pupper monsters
  • Ghost & witch chocolates
  • Skulls & Bones candy
  • Rainbow drops
Everything but the black icing was from Handy Candy.

More pictures and instructions on how to make the Halloween house after the jump below! (Just like the bat cookies, it's really simple!)

1. Firstly, if you wish, you can cut a doorway out of one of the triangular pieces of gingerbread.

2. Knead the designer icing tube, then cut off the end of the tube - ready to use to stick the pieces together.

3. Take one of the rectangular pieces and one triangular piece of gingerbread and cover the edges with designer icing. Hold in place until the icing firms.

4. Stick two piece to the gingerbread base.

5. Attach the second triangular gingerbread piece to the house

6. Apply the designer icing to all edges on the remaining rectangular piece, and then join the house together.

7. If you have cut a door out, finally attach this at the front.

8. Move the whole house to a plate or board for easier decorating and use the remaining icing (or extra icing) and sweets to adorn your little creation.


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