Monday, 18 October 2010

Photography: Andreas Waldschuetz

An image from 'VAMPARA', featuring the fashion of Ara Jo
The subject of this post is Andreas Waldschuetz - a talented fashion and art photographer/filmaker from Vienna, Austria. As well as woking in Vienna, Waldschuetz has also traveled a great deal, which often is reflected in his photographs, and he has carried out projects in video and photography in various places around the world including: the US, UK, France, Germany and South Africa.

Not all of Waldschuetz's work is dark and spooky and the fact that it doesn't not adhere to one specific theme makes it more interesting.  However, he does create some beautifully macabre and strange images and I'm going to post some for you to enjoy here.
A photograph from 'Cooky Spooky Sherwood Lodge'
If you don't like portrait or fashion photography or heavily edited art images, his productions may not be for you. However, personally I find them to be well-planned, skillfully shot and very creative, and the stories behind each collection of visuals are also intruiging.

To view more of his work and stay up to date with his activities, you can visit the following websites:

All photographs are copyright Andreas Waldschuetz.
Please do not repost without permission.
More photos after the jump:

A fashion photograph from 'VAMPARA'

An art image from 'Children of the Corn'

Another from 'Cooky Spooky Sherwood Lodge'


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