Monday, 23 August 2010

Animation: Ernest, le Vampire

I owe many thanks to my friend Nasu-hime for finding out that the cartoon I loved when I was a child so much that I forgot the title of it was in fact the French show, 'Ernest, le Vampire' (Ernest, the vampire)!

"Each morning as dawn breaks, after nights of lunatic activity, Ernest the Vampire settles himself comfortably into his coffin and falls asleep. Ernest is somewhat clumsly and does not exactly strike fear in the heart of others. He is never short of ideas but they invariably end in catastrophes."

So of course, I thought I'd share it with you!

Except that I watched it on a German TV station, so it was called 'Ernest, der Vampir', not that it really mattered anyway though, because there isn't any dialogue. If you want to buy the series on DVD you can do so from the ICTV website.

Ah, spooky childhood memories!

Speaking of which, if you happen to read this entry, tell me - what's your first horror/Halloween-related childhood experience? Anything from trick or treating to being completely freaked out by a movie to hearing an urban legend.

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  1. I've been checking this show out on YouTube recently, it's strangely interesting (I think I like seeing how each nightmare ends). It was on when I was a kid, but I actually remember far less than I thought about it (I have only seen two episodes that I remember so far, and one of them was remembered wrong). I actually looked it up a year or two ago (the episode that you linked was one of them, and I was shocked to see how creepy I found the ending). I mustn't have paid that much attention to the show as a kid, or just never saw the more creepier episodes, because I don't remember being scared of it as a kid or anything.

    Anyway I may be wrong, but I think my first "being freaked out by something horror related" was when I played Resident Evil when I was too young to play it. At the time I was really paranoid about everything because I thought that I would see something from the game in real life (though there were other things later on as well).

    Hope you don't mind me posting on an old-ish blog, I found it on Google because I was checking for stuff on Ernest Le Vampire.


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