Thursday, 26 August 2010

Food and Drink: Spooky Cakes & Horror Muffins

Today I thought instead of just showing you other people's spooky creations, I'd share some of my own! The above photo is a chocolate coffin-shaped cake, which features a marzipan skeleton. The whole thing was great fun to make; especially the figure! If you'd like the recipes for anything in this entry, let me know.

More of my creepy confectionary after the jump.

I only included this because of the eyeball muffin in the middle.

A birthday cake I made for a friend of mine.

The dash of black food colouring added to the cake mix gave it a strange look.

The muffin in the centre says "ホラー" (horror in Japanese).

Hypnotic eyeball cake

Halloween muffins


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