Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Games: Blood updated version!

The original game Blood came out in 1997, made by 3D realms (Duke Nukem) and Monolith Productions (F.E.A.R, Condemned) and is a rather gory, horrorey game. You play as Caleb, a gunfighter who joined a cult called "The Cabal" in 1871 and rose to the highest level circle "The Chosen" (the naming gets better!). But things didn't go so well and the god Tchernobog (see!) kills all the members of The Chosen for failing to do his bidding. But, for some reason Caleb rises again from the grave and decides to set out and bring an end to Mr. Tchernobog.

As Caleb you go around levels set in various locations such as carnivals, mortuaries and even a living temple made of flesh, armed with a variety of weapons. Examples of these range from the standard pitchfork and shotgun, to the more exotic Voodoo Doll.
Voodoo Doll attack!

Enemies range from robed cultists, zombies and winged beasts to bosses such as large spiders and double headed dogbeats. The game contains many subtle references to horror films, such as Evil Dead, Frankenstein, Nightmare on Elm Street etc. etc. It is pretty gory (ill include a video after the cut), so much so that a censored version had to be released.

Anyway! This is the announcement made by the games creator Jason (Jace) Hall:
I have been contemplating the idea bringing Blood back and was wondering how people might feel about it or if they were interested in helping me to do it.

To be clear, I am thinking of bringing the ORIGINAL Blood game back as it was, with functionality alterations/enhancements that are similar but superior to ZDAEMON's. I would also make it work on all platforms, and not just PC. There are other things as well...

I have a very specific vision in mind for what I'd like to do, but before I go off and do it - I wanted to speak directly with the Blood community and see what the thoughts are.

My goal of course is for this all to be free, and all about gameplay and fun. You can rest assured that I have the resources to bring BLOOD back properly but like I said, I'm hoping to have the community participate in all this if it wants to so we can all do it together. This site is great and it would be great to see the Blood community grow!

So what this should mean is that the 15 year old game shall be updated and just as gory and silly as it was before, but with a whole new look!

You can still buy the game from places such as:

Video of original gameplay after the break!

One of Holmes lesser known cases


  1. i sure wish i had the ability to play games, i like the more puzzle styled games. my eye and hand coordination is awful.

    1. There are quite a few puzzle based horror games, such as Plants vs Zombies or Limbo. (both of these have demos at the linked pages) Practice does help! Just keep at it and it shall eventually become second nature! :D

      Though, I practice 28 hours a day (via time travel), and still miss things. D:


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