Saturday, 4 August 2012

Art: Natalia Hernández González

Little Head (2012) by Natalia Hernández González 
"...light and darkness, color and warmth, infernal coldness. A place where beautiful and monstruous creatures hide behind every character, every word, waiting and lurking for your innocent and compassionate look."
That is how Spanish illustrator / designer Natalia Hernández González introduces her world on her art blog,  Spooky Delight There really isn't a better way to describe the creepy-cute characters and bizarre scenes created by this imaginative woman. From heads in jars to robots, exploding bowels to octopus-human hybrids - it's all there!

Sweet Little Bowels (2011) by Natalia Hernández González
As well as the unusual subject matters, NHG also has a wide variety of illustration and design styles, which she seems to be constantly improving and refining. It's refreshing to find artist that experiments and tries new things, rather that simply producing the same kind of pieces repeatedly and this is part of  what keeps her work unique. Admittedly, some of Natalia's techniques are similar to artists such as Tim Burton, Mia Mäkilä, and Mark Ryden, but there is a feel to each illustration that is singularly her own. 

Little butcher (2012)  by Natalia Hernández González

For more information about Natalia or her work, please visit the following websites:
Spooky Delight

Thank you to Natalia Hernández González for permission to use the images!

Baby octopus (2012) by Natalia Hernández González

NiceCake (2011) by Natalia Hernández González

Welcome to SpookyLand! (2011) by Natalia Hernández González

Child's game (2011) by Natalia Hernández González

butterfly (2012) by Natalia Hernández González

Brain-cream (2012) by Natalia Hernández González

Pink Stool (20121) by Natalia Hernández González

Doll (2012) by Natalia Hernández González


  1. Her work is gorgeous! Love her use of warm tones in her art. That last one put me in mind of some hentai stuff I've seen. I'll check out her blog!! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. Sorry, I meant it was her Baby Octopus that reminded me of the hentai.
    Some Dark Romantic

  3. Wow! Her work really is full of variety. I like the top picture the best. A perfect balance of creepy and cute for me! :)

    1. Yes! I love the variety in her work too :)

  4. Natalia's work is really awesome. She balances the 2 sides really well. My favorite is probably Little Head and Child's Game.


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