Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Advertising: Little Baby's Ice Cream Cannibal

The ice cream cannibal eating her own head
Earlier this year, Philadelphia-based company Little Baby's Ice Cream released adverts in which an ice cream creature was seen euphorically eating spoonfuls of her own head and licking cones with tiny versions of herself inside. That might not sound too weird (uh...or it might) but when coupled with the bizarre voice overs, ice cream van jingles and staring expressions of the ice cream cannibal, the creepiness factor goes up a lot!

"We love lickers..."
That said, as advertisements, they're pretty great.

Little Baby's Ice Cream
The Philly Post (source)

You can watch the two ads for yourself after the cut below↓


  1. "...we're love lickers..." LOL! And euw! What a surreal marketing campaign! Hang on - that ice cream ain't made from little babies, is it?????????? ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. Bizzare advertising is great, haha.
      Also, not sure if it's babies, but there's definitely something weird in the ice cream if you start seeing this when you eat it! XD Maybe this is what the "little baby" grew up into...D:

  2. Replies
    1. I'd worry more if you -weren't- disturbed lol

  3. Very unusual to say the least :P
    Her eyes are what does it, it's like she's daring you to take a bit yourself.


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