Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th: 13 'Friday the 13th'-themed Items

Next up: 13 items featuring the 'Friday the 13th' movie series:

1. Jason Voorhees Goblet

Jason Goblet from Haunt Your Home
It's made of plastic, cheap, and fairly tacky, but I actually really like this! Say what you will about my lack of taste, but I want one :D They're available from Haunt Your Home, along with an array of other Friday the 13th items, including a Freddy Krueger & Jason platter, Friday the 13th bowl, and Jason shot glasses.

2. Friday The 13th Nike Dunk Sneakers

Friday the 13th Nike Dunk Sneakers designed by Mizzee Customs
I'm usually not a fan of sneakers, but even I have to admit that these custom Nike Dunk Sneakers from Mizzee Customs are pretty great. The details - from the "blood splatter" to the picture of Jason and one of his victims to the 'Crystal Lake' writing and red soles - make these unusual and aesthetically pleasing too! They're available on

3. Jason Voorhees Musical Halloween Lights

I found this video over at and, even though the company that made the lights don't seem to know the difference between Friday the 13th and Halloween (listen to the music), I still think these are awesome for two reasons: 1) I'd rather hear the Halloween theme than the annoying echo-ki-ing and ma-ing from Friday the 13th, and 2) These ones look much better than the official ones (below). :D

Official Friday the 13th lights from Entertainment Earth

4.  Jason Voorhees' Dog "Machete" Sculpture by Undead Ed

Sculpture by Undead Ed
Obviously, Jason never really had a dog in the movies, but this is an art piece by Undead Ed, and since I've never seen another one, it's in this post! After all, "Even Jason from Friday the 13th needs a pet...Dogs are a PSYCHO's best friend!". The sculpture was already sold on Undead Ed's Etsy page, but you can still view the listing here.

5. Women's Jason Costume

Women's Jason Costume from

I guess if Jason has a dog, he might also want a sexy psycho fangirl girlfriend too? Or maybe this is what Mrs. Voorhees looked like in her younger days? Who knows? And more importantly, who cares? :D
"Horror movies are showing the love to the ladies with this women's Jason Voorhees mask! This sexy horror movie costume features a black, polyester dress with a Jason-mask logo in the front (**note that the logo is purple, not white as pictured)."
The logo is purple? Oh yeah! Remember that time when Jason wore a purple mask? Yeah, me neither. >.> Also, the "mask" she's holding is actually a bag, which is kind of cool I guess. The costume is available at and goes with their Men's Jason costume, which I won't even start on.

6. Camp Crystal Lake Sign

Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake
This Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake sign on Entertainment Earth would make a great addition to a horror /  'Friday the 13th' display for those who didn't just want to have Jason figures everywhere.

7. Pop! Jason Bobblehead

Jason Voorhees Bobblehead on NeatoShop

You knew it was going to be somewhere on the list. There's a bobblehead of just about everyone, and Jason Voorhees is no exception. In fact, there are quite a few, but this one is definitely the cutest! It's still listed on NeatoShop, but sadly, I think it's out of stock now.

8. Funko Jason Plushie

Jason Funko Plushie
Another cute addition to the Friday the 13th plethora of merchandise is this adorable little plush toy. As the shop page says, "Jason has never been so cute and cuddly!". I'm pretty sure there's a reason for that. Then again, if he looked as harmless and unassuming as this, it would certainly make catching his victims a lot easier! Another found on NeatoShop.

9. Mezco's Cinema Of Fear Jason Roto Plush

Jason Roto Plush
If you like your horror plushies to look a little more horrific, then this Jason roto plush from Mezco might be more your style. Standing at an appropriate 13" tall, this "cuddly killer" comes with his trusty machte and is dressed in a hockey jersey. I rather like this one; I also rather like that Mezco are trying to draw in as many customers as they can by saying that not only will horror fans appreciate this toy, but "hockey fans that enjoy their team a bit more on the aggressive side" will love it too!

10. Jason Hockey Mask Cap
Hockey Mask Cap
An alternative for those of you that really don't want to wear a mask! It's available from Unfortunately, instead of looking like a creepy horror icon, you might just end up looking like a 'Mighty Duck'. That's pretty scary too though.

11. Friday the 13th Mouse & Mouse Pad

Blood-filled Mouse Pad and Hockey Mask Mouse
According to Friday the 13th the Film Franchise, this mouse pad / mouse combo pack was given out to some lucky contest winners and select members of the press to promote the release of 'Friday the 13th 2009'. The mouse is a hockey mask and the mouse pad is filled with blood. It doesn't look particularly comfortable to use, but it's still pretty fantastic!

12. Jason Voorhees Mask Cake

Hockey Mask Cake
Horror-themed cakes are always fun! This one was made by Wing-Ding on Cake Central. "Fondant covered and the "blood" is thickened colored piping gel. The cake is red butter cake torted with red vanilla pudding. It also has chocolate buttercream."  Yum!

13. Jason Hockey Mask Ring

Hockey Mask Ring
Released by Gentle Giant, whose name seems completely inappropriate here, this hockey mask ring was sold on Big Bad Toys, and various other outlets. Gentle Giant made a few other Friday the 13th-related items too, but they seem to be sold out now.

What's your favourite 'Friday the 13th' item? Let us know!


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