Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fashion: DraculaClothing

'Delicacy Underbust Corset' by DraculaClothing

'Gassmask Brooch' by DraculaClothing

Started in 2007 and currently based in the Czech Republic, DraculaClothing is an independent alternative clothing company run by Truls Stokka and Ida W. Thorsen. After a fruitless shopping expedition to Camden, the pair became tired of the many "alternative" clothes produced by companies that charged exorbitant amounts of money for poor quality items and very little choice. So rather than just complaining about it, Truls created DraculaClothing, aiming to provide excellent quality at reasonable prices, with Ida joining the company soon after. It's always a bonus to find that a business has been born from the ideas of people that honestly have a passion for the things that they create or the services that they provide. 

'Spider Web Earrings' by DraculaClothing
Originally, DraculaClothing mainly designed items for themselves and people they knew, but over the years they have grown in popularity immensely and now have customers from all over the globe! When buying online, there is, as always, the dreaded postage costs and goods taxes to consider, which often makes it more expensive to buy internationally, via the internet. However, with free worldwide shipping and the already affordable prices, paying the cost of import duties (outside the EU) is still cheaper than buying overpriced items from other companies. And let's be honest here, how many of us are even able to find a local shop, with this much choice and such beautiful items anyway, regardless of the costs?

'Steampunk Kitty T Shirt' by DraculaClothing
The other appealing thing about DraculaClothing is that, although they do seem to specialise in Steampunk, EGA/EGL and corsetry, they provide a lot of other choices too. The number of items they sell is huge and they are constantly expanding their range. 

Whatever your delightfully dark style may be - from elegant vampire to eccentric Steampunk, from Gothic Lolita to tightlacer - there's almost certainly something to suit your taste. There's even enough bats, skulls, spiders, gas masks, bloody shirts, and coffins to keep you horrific darlings happy! 

Many thanks to DraculaClothing for permission to use the images.

For more information, or to browse the DraculaClothing online store, visit the links below:

More photos after the cut below:

'Bloody Cravat Shirt' by Dracula Clothing
'Skeleton Corset Brooch' by DraculaClothing
'Skulls Ring' by DraculaClothing
'Burlesque Underbust' by DraculaClothing
'Bat Jewelry' by DraculaClothing
'Coffin Jewelry' by DraculaClothing
'Brocade Blouse' by DraculaClothing


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