Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Videos: Trick 'r treat; the lore and legends of Halloween

Part 2

As that special night of the year when all things ghoulish break loose approaches, the "making of "trick 'r Treat" is out for fans that did not get the Blue-ray copy of the film.

Trick 'r Treat is a movie about the spirit of Halloween, personified by a mischievous little boy who lurks around, making sure you follow the rules of such marvelous holiday.

As David J. Skal (author of Death Makes a Holiday: a Cultural History of Halloween) brilliantly states, "Halloween is the Frankenstein of holidays... because it's stitched together from so many different traditions that's sometimes a little difficult to keep them all apart.

With interview of Director Michael Dougherty and cast, they elaborate on the traditions of the holiday, and how why it just might be a good idea to stay true to them.


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