Friday, 10 September 2010

Halloween: Oxford Castle Ghostfest

With only 50 days left until Halloween, we've decided to post Halloween-related events and places, from all over the world, so that all of you little horrors have something to do on the spookiest of special nights!

1 - Oxford Castle Ghostfest (UK)

Set in a Medieval castle, built in 1071 and run by Haunted Happenings, Halloween is the second night of the Oxford Castle Ghostfest (the first night is October 29th and runs from 9pm - 4am). Oxford Castle Unlocked describes night two of the event as:

Our second night hosted by the Haunted Happenings Paranormal Team and Psychics at the very haunted Oxford Castle for our Halloween special. The medieval crypt and its foreboding atmosphere will really test your nerve as you carry out some amazing experiments in an attempt to make contact with the dead.

With access to Oxford Castle and prison, Haunted Happenings promise to take you on a ghost hunt, complete with a tour (the castle's horrible history included), seances, a workshop on using dowsing rods, crystals, EMF dectors, temperature thermometers etc., a walk around the castle with a professional medium, time working with the Haunted Happenings team, plus time alone to explore the castle for yourself.

The event runs from 7pm - 1am and costs £59.00 per person.


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