Monday, 17 August 2009

Photography: Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine is an American horror photographer that mixes the grotesque, dark and spooky with the innocent and child-like. At first glance, his photographs seem to be quite pleasant and peaceful, but on closer inspection you start to notice all the unsettling elements (or, as a friend of mine said of 'BEDSIDE', "I thought it was a really nice, pretty picture...then I noticed all the bugs everywhere...oh my god! That's horrible!'). But for me, that is perhaps what makes his work so enjoyable!

However, unlike many horror photographers of a similar genre, Hoffine doesn't simply put together collages in a photo editing program, he actually takes the time to set up the scenes himself and then simply enhances the colours or textures already present. Don't believe me? Well, luckily enough, he keeps a blog explaining how he does it. ^.^ You can find it here.

If you're interested in his work, Hoffine's fiendish photography is currently being featured in the August issues of Spanish magazine 'Duo' and heavy metal magazine 'Decibel'.

For more info on Hoffine and his work, check out the following websites:

Official Site




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