Sunday, 16 August 2009

Fashion: Kreepsville 666

Do you ever just wish you could cover yourself in horror from head to toe, but hate the thought of cleaning up blood splatter and brains? Well, never fear! UK horror brand Kreepsville 666 are here to lend you a skeletal helping hand (or two, in this case)!

Stocked both in their own online shop as well as in various retailers around the world, including Black Rose in the UK, and Manic Panic and Sourpuss in the US, Kreepsville 666 are quickly transforming us all into flesh eating zombies devilishly dapper devils. There's even a section for your little monsters. And the best part is, they update their webshop every month, so you'll never be caught wearing last season's bloody eyeballs (can you imagine it?? =O!).

My current favourites on the site are this shirt and skirt:

Now, if only I could look that good in them...

To see more from Kreepsville 666, check their Official Site.


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