Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Movie Reviews: Truth or Die (2012)

Movie: Truth or Die (2012, AKA Truth or Dare)
Director: Robert Heath
Starring: Liam Boyle, Elana Di Troya, Jack Gordon
About: This is a British movie about a group of teens who while at a party, play a game of 'Truth or Dare', but the game gets out of hand when one of the party goers (Felix) is picked on by the other teens. A few months later they are all invited to a party that Felix is throwing at his parents mansion. But when they get there they are told the party is in a cabin further up the road. They arrive to find that Felix's brother is there instead, but where is Felix, and what does his brother have in store? -Michael Hallows Eve

The Crimson Reviewer talks about the 2012 British slasher film, 'Truth or Die'. (Original UK title: 'Truth or Dare').

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