Friday, 22 March 2013

Fright-day Foods: Bat's Blood Wine

Bats Blood Wine
About Bats Blood:

"Bats Blood is produced in Banat which is part of the historic region of Transylvania by one of Romanias finest wineries : Cremela Recas. 

Legend has it that the Banat region of Romania was where Bacchus, the god of wine, spent his childhood – certainly the first records of viticulture date back to the Roman Empire when it invaded and annexed the central part of Dacia in 106 AD. 

This region west of Romania, surrounding the city of Timisoara, is the home of our multi award winning producers Cremela Recaş. The vineyard areas and wine region have both benefited from centuries of influence from Hungarian, Bavarian and Austrian immigrants – all laying claim to have influenced the present day viticulture. 

Recaş is now a 700ha modern day winery, exporting to major wine buyers throughout Europe and the Americas. It has a Mediterranean climate, cooler than the rest of Romania, and dryer with a longer harvest season, allowing many varieties to ripen easily." 
Being a sucker (pun intended) for items like this, I decided to buy a bottle of Bats Blood last year. I'd love to tell you that it has a wonderful flavour and has a delightful aroma, but actually I don't drink (!). It does, however, look pretty on my shelf and the coffin box it comes in is quite lovely.

For more information, or to order a bottle for yourself, visit the sites below:

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  1. This wine is one of the very best I have ever tasted. Bats Blood - perfect at night with steak!


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