Thursday, 21 March 2013

Art: Grim Weasel's Workshop

Bernard the Zombie Farmer Paper Mâché Puppet by Grim Weasel
Working from a home studio in Illinois, USA, creepy doll customiser, paper and fabric mâché artist, and "foilgami" figure maker Jeremy T. Warren (AKA Grim Weasel) creates one of a kind horror / creepy cute art dolls and figures. Each piece is uniquely hand-crafted, and they all have their own personalities - even the zombies!

Zombie Barbie sculpture by Grim Weasel
The range of mediums used also adds to the individuality of Grim Weasel's work, with everything from old porcelain dolls and paper, to aluminium foil and flower print fabric going into the mix. It's actually quite surprising how such seemingly innocuous items can be transformed into wonderfully horrific monsters!

Holiday Demons Don't Wear Socks Art Doll - Krampus by Grim Weasel
Even though many of the art dolls are meant to be scary, some also seem to have a fun, almost cute feel to them, which makes a great contrast. After all monsters are cute...when they're not after your brains and blood that is...

Steamve, the Dragolien, foilgami monster by Grim Weasel
To see more of Grim Weasel's creations, check out the links below:
Twin Zombies Don't Wear Hats Dolls - Austin and Savannah by Grim Weasel
Many thanks to Jeremy Warren for permission to use his images in this entry.


  1. The top image made me think of these "red-Necks" of my town coming back as Zombies thanks for the "Smile"... the Doctor


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