Saturday, 16 February 2013

Books & Art: Death: A Picture Album

Death: A Picture Album was published in 2012 by museum & gallery, The Wellcome Collection in London, UK. The book features a uniquely macabre collection of items related to death, which is being partially exhibited at The Wellcome Collection until February 24th, 2013. Richard Harris, who previously worked as a print dealer in Chicago, is the lucky owner of this fascinating array of items, which includes paintings, photographs, anatomical drawings, historical artifacts and scientific specimens from around the world.

Untitled by Andy Warhol, 1987
Featured in the book are an abundance of prints, paintings and other artworks from Harris' collection, from Renaissance vanitas to Japanese paintings; from Andy Warhol photographs to Dia de los Muertos folk artwork and much more. Alongside each picture is a short explanation, along with the date and artist, if known, which adds yet another element of interest to the book.

Frolicking Skeletons by Kawanabe Kyosai, 1850-89
Although the images are wonderful and would be a fantastic view for anyone who has a slightly morbid side, visiting the Wellcome Collection and seeing some of them in person would be even better!

Head Games by Susan Hardy Brown


  1. That book looks awesome! I might look for it next time I'm at The Wellcome Collection!

    1. It's such a fascinating book! They actually seem to have a lot of amazing books in the Wellcome Collection book shop :D


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