Sunday, 17 February 2013

Animation: Violeta, la pescadora del mar negro

Violeta, la pescadora del mar negro (Violeta, fisherwoman of the black sea) is a stop motion animation by Spanish duo Marc Riba & Anna Solanas. It is a dark horror tale and the gloomy visuals - which remind me slightly of films by The Quay Brothers - reflect this well.

The models in the animation are big-eyed and innocent-looking, but don't be fooled; things turn bizarre and disgusting very quickly! That, of course, is not a negative point and it's the strangeness that makes Violeta... a more memorable animation.


  1. That looks creepily gorgeous. It's a Spanish film? The music accompanying this clip sounded like it was sung in Brazilian Portuguese, to me.

    1. Ooh, thanks for that bit of information :) I lack the ability to speak either Spanish or Portuguese, so I didn't know in which language the song was sung.

      The reason I called this a Spanish film was because Marc Riba & Anna Solanas who made the film are from Spain :)

    2. ^A perfectly logical guess I'd have made as well. :-)


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