Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A-Z Challenge: O is for...Oblina

O is for...Oblina
Oblina was a character in the animated series 'Aaahh! Real Monsters', which centred around a scare school for monsters and its students. The tall, stripy, upside down candy cane Oblina shares a room with the main character, Ickis, and Krum the eyeball holding scarer. 

Oblina and Ickis
A model student at The Monster Academy, Oblina excels at terrifying humans, which makes her a favourite with the usually bad-tempered headmaster, The Gromble. 

This post is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge.


  1. Those might be some of the weirdest characters I've ever seen, but the story sounds like something I'd love.

  2. This is one cartoon I haven't seen. Lots of Scooby-Doo & Spongebob in my house.

  3. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge...lovely blog...good luck with the rest of the challenge...

    Donna L Martin


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