Saturday, 20 February 2010

Music: OOMPH!

Today, I have a confession to make... not everything I like is horrific and spooky. Shocking, I know, but even I can't resist the lure of fluffy kittens and men without split personalities or chainsaw hands sometimes...maybe...

Anyway, confessions over with, on with the entry! Speaking of confessions - or rather priests - today's post is about OOMPH! - a band from Germany that has absolutely nothing to do with horror and are not even that creepy. They do however, have some rather good, tongue in cheek horror-themed videos. 'Brennende Liebe' is inspired by 'The Bride of Frankenstein', whilst 'Sex hat keine Macht' takes from 'The Exorcist', head rotating and all. You might not like their music, but you can always hit the mute button :P


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