Sunday, 13 September 2009

Movies: Manhater

"A vulnerable woman, years of cheating boyfriends and finally an abusive husband--a perfect setup for revenge. But what if you're too beaten down to take things into your own hands? What if you just want out, just want it all to stop, just want them all to go away...and then what if it happens?"
Directed by Anthony Doublin and written and produced by Philip R. Calderone of Canyon Falls Productions, independant movie, 'Manhater' takes the traditional downtrodden woman revenge story and gives it an unusual twist, with the introduction of Enyo, a character brought into the plot through the use of a witch's potion.

Although there are similarities between 'Manhater' and the soon to be released 'Jennifer's Body', the storyline of 'Manhater' appeals more to me, if only because it's not set in a high school, as so many modern horror movies are. It also deals with more adult themes, such as domestic violence, which makes it more interesting to me than watching a possessed cheerleader killing boys (although, that is somewhat amusing XD).

For more information and to stay updated on 'Manhater', check the sites below:

Official Website
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