Friday, 5 April 2013

A-Z Blogging Challenge: E is for Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey
A page from The Haunted Tea Cosy, by Edward Gorey
American illustrator, playwright, set and costume designer, author and artist Edward Gorey was probably best known for his unusual and charming illustrated books, which often had macabre and Victorian-esque themes / styles. Gorey described a great deal of his own work as being in the  "literary nonsense" genre, though his styles were much more varied than that. 

The Gashlycrumb Tines by Edward Gorey
After his death in 2000, his house in Cape Cod, Massachusetts was transformed into The Edward Gorey House. The House serves as a museum dedicated to Gorey's creations and "also honors Gorey's passion and concern for animals, raising awareness about local and national animal welfare issues" (About the Gorey House; The Edward Gorey House website).

The Haunted Tea-Cosy by Edward Gorey

The Epiplectic Bicycle by Edward Gorey
A page from The Epiplectic Bicycle by Edward Gorey.
Poor alligator!
A page from The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey

This post is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, 2013.


  1. A great choice of letter E, I do wish I could draw like that.

    1. Damn that is the wrong link that is a link to last year, what a silly chap I am. Still it was quite a good post (OK not really).

    2. Your drawings are very entertaining and I'm quite sure that if you collected them into little books like Gorey's, lots of people would buy them too ;D

  2. He was quite talented. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I ADORE the Gashlycrumb Tinies. It was one of the first books I read to my son...over and over for my benefit mostly! My favorite is S!

    1. That is fantastic! I don't think my niece and nephew would respond well if I read it to them...nor my sister, come to think of it, haha.


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