Thursday, 6 December 2012

Games: War For the Overworld

Greetings all you ghoultards and vampturds!

I have some extremely blood-dripping news for all of you (especially) Dungeon Keeper-, Overlord-, Evil Genius-fanatics! For years us Dungeon Keeper fans have hungered for the next sequel to Dungeon Keeper 2. Well, that will probably never happen, but wait! Here is the next best thing. I have for quite some time followed this team who are re-creating the atmosphere of all those games we used to play for hours and hours. The game is called War For the Overworld. Subterranean games has started a Kickstarter page, in order to make the game happen. For further information on the game, donations, etc. please click here.

I cannot even express my excitement over this game! August 2013 cannot come soon enough.

For my fellow Dungeon Keeper players, I leave you a question; what is your favorite minion in Dungeon Keeper one and/or two?


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