Saturday, 1 September 2012

Games: Project Hell

Rather homely dungeon

Some of you may remember the game Dead Island (it wasn't that long ago...last year). It's a rather simple game where you fight off hordes of the recently undead. As there aren't many guns, most of the time you fight with knives and sticks and things laying around. It's pretty buggy (ok it's really, really buggy) and the actors are all annoying, but somehow it's still strangely enjoyable!

Anyway! This time they have decided to expand on the earlier Dead Island with Project Hell, by placing it in a "dark fantasy" world of undead, necromancers and demons. It's still in production, but it might be good. Or it might be bad, it's hard to tell at this point. (or it might be bad, but still strangely enjoyable!):

When walking in the dark woods, I discovered, an active fault line! D:

"We want to travel back to the times when enemies were really hideous and repulsive, the fights were brutal and bloody and the gameplay was challenging and rich with secrets waiting to be uncovered. 
It was natural for us to think in terms of a dark horror setting. Mostly due to Dead Island but also because we’re lucky enough to remember the first Quake and Diablo and the impression these games made on us – so few new games can keep up with these classics.

While searching for a dark and mature mood we are constantly referring to early European medieval times. It was a time when a lot of people were torn between Christianity and pagan habits – they attended masses but kept casting curses, asking oracles for advice all the while living in fear of necromancy. This gives us a believable base to build up a setting with grounds for magic bound with the evil side.

On the other hand, we’re not looking for cheap controversy by putting in religious symbols and desecrating them. With respect for our players’ beliefs we’re creating a completely new, brutal, dark and gory world based on a universal dichotomy between good and evil.."
They also say not to expect "unicorns and fairies" which I personally find scarier... 

Theres no indication of when it will be released, but you can keep up to date with the production at the official blog, entitled "sharpen your axes"!
Project blog

More design artwork after the break:

Christmas time in a the dungeon!


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