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Reviews: Movies - Prometheus

'Prometheus' on the cover of 'Escape' by Apollo Cinema
'Prometheus' - director Ridley Scott's latest and highly anticipated dark science fiction film - was released on the 1st of June in Europe (except for France, Switzerland and Belgium, who got to see it from May 30th so that it didn't contend with the start of UEFA championship, apparently) and will be open for public viewing on June 8th in the US and Canada.

The ship: Prometheus
The film takes place before the story of the original 'Alien' (released 1979), and focuses on the search by scientists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) for the origins of life on Earth. Their search, which is backed by the powerful Weyland Corperation, takes them to a distant star system based on archaeological evidence found on an island of the coast of Scotland. Although it is very apparent that the events in this movie take place in the same universe as 'Alien' did, it's kind of unclear where it stands as part of the series or as a reboot. Scott himself has expressed how the film "will explore
it's own mythology and ideas", though what that means I'm still not entirely sure!

Entering a giant skull building in a storm - sounds safe to me!
The plot contains lots of philosophical subjects about life and the creators of life as the two go in search of "the engineers" who created life on earth, and the reasons why. The plot is a little slow to get started, but gets better as it progresses. As with all the other films in the 'Alien' mythos, things take a turn for the worse after a relatively short period of time. Though thats pretty much expected! There are a few bits of the plot that seem to raise questions that don't get immediate answers (or just don't really make much sense), so I'm assuming that there will be another film after this. Still, that's not necessarily a bad thing!

As well as a fairly intriguing story line, the set design is well done and echoes the style of 'Alien' somewhat. The technology seems believable and functional, which helps the illusion of a futuristic setting and even Giger-style original designs show up, giving a nice dark alien atmosphere to certain sections of the film. One thing I did notice, however, is that in the future, wearing underwear that appears to be made of bandages seems to be en vogue!

Shaw: Clearly disturbed by the future bandage fashions
Anyway, the effects were good; the 3D is well done and adds to the atmosphere, rather than just having pointless scenes of objects flying in your face to show "this is in 3D". There was a slight problem with the titles in the film being somewhat blurry, but that doesn't really have an effect on the film! The prosthetics and make up effects were also solid throughout (although the old man make up looked slightly strange and unnatural).

All the actors played their parts well and were believable (though Guy Pearce's performance as the elderly Peter Weyland is a little weird!), which added to the atmosphere and allowed emotional connections. Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers and Idris Elba as Captain Janek also both act well in their roles pretty much playing as opposites to each other. They help to give the film a solid grounding whilst also aiding plot development. The main part of Shaw carried the film well but had occasional moments where her character's emotions seemed erractic. Though this did fit well with her character and the stresses she was under. 
A refined android and his over-sized cocktail shaker
The best acting was by Michael Fassbender, playing android David, whos calm demeanor and emotional neutrality makes his character have a constant uncertainty to it. However, I would also have liked to have seen more of the sub characters such as Fifeild (Sean Harris) and Millburn (Rafe Spall) and seen them more developed, but they didn't get much screen time. 

Overall, 'Prometheus' was enjoyable and it had a good sense of brooding dread in parts (though it isn't quite as dark as earlier 'Alien' films) and I appreciated the creature designs and set designs and the development of the aliens plot. Though, to be honest the film did have a few slight confusing elements which didn't make immediate sense. This makes the film feel more like part of an upcoming series of films more than a stand alone story. This perhaps isn't really a bad thing and makes it feel more part of a larger story. I would say that the film is well worth watching, but don't go in expecting Alien -1, because the film really isn't really that, but something new altogether!

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  1. I should really go and see this (and then drag you to see 'Dark Shadows' with me afterwards :P I'm sure you'll cringe XD)

    1. It depends! Does Dark Shadows have musical numbers in? D:

      He does look like the woman from Cabaret...

    2. Hahaha! I haven't seen 'Dark Shadows' either, but I'm pretty sure it's not a musical :P I like 'Cabaret' though, so who cares if Johnny Depp has Liza Minnelli's hairstyle in it? lol

    3. But almost all of Tim Burtons recent films have that scariness in! Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Corpse bride, Charlie and the Chocolate factory! The last one with no singing was Big Fish in 2003! (I think?) D:

      That reminds me, we need to watch Ed Wood! (Which has shocking dancing scenes...D: I guess Mr. Burtons life is like a Caberet! :p)

    4. 'Dark Shadows' might be awful, I don't know. I just want to see it before I make a decision :P If a film is good and a musical, I don't really care. As long as the film is decent, any genre is fine.

      Please tell me 'Prometheus' isn't just an action movie with random explosions though D: If I want that I'll go and see 'The Avengers' :P (If I had money, I probably would actually, haha)

  2. Hi, I just happened upon your blog-I love watching films and going to the cinema and really want to go and see this-thanks for the review :)

    Tanesha x


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