Tuesday, 14 June 2011

"Zombie Go Boom"

Hello there my spooky kids!
Zombie craziness I bring you today!

"Zombie Go Boom is a reality show that puts zombie theories to the test. It's one part Deadliest Warrior, one part Mythbusters, all with a zombie twist.

Using real life settings we put the weapons, everyday objects and theories to the test, and you won't believe the stunning results."

With such a description I introduce you to "Zombie Go Boom", a youtube reality show which proves real life settings and weapons and the effects they may or may not have in zombies if the Apocalypse was going to happen!
Still can't imagine what I'm talking about? then check their youtube channel and start watching!
As a starting point, I'm giving you the promo video. Craaaaazy stuff!


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